During Grenlec’s recent Electrical Energy Efficiency Expos in Grenville and Carriacou, businesses joined together to help educate customers about the best ways to manage their energy use and save money.

#1 ENERGY SAVER Unanimously, everyone at the Expos agreed that switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting is one of the simplest and easiest ways to help reduce energy usage at home and at work. Available in a variety of styles from tubes to screw-in bulbs, LEDs fit most fixtures.

“One of our customers saw as much as 30% savings simply by changing light bulbs.” -Christopher Salandy, The Wireman’s House

Solar-powered LED lanterns and light fixtures for outdoor use are also available. You will better manage your energy use, replace bulbs less often, and save money. That’s good news for you and the environment.

“Education and access to LEDs and energy-saving products is good customer service.” -Sallie-Ann Nixon of Nixon’s Electrical.

Changing to energy-efficient light bulbs, even just one bulb at a time, and turning lights off when not in use are just a couple simple things we can all do to use energy wisely.

“We give our customers more options and opportunities to think green and save in the process.”-Sallie-Ann Nixon of Nixon’s Electrical

“By explaining the long-term benefits, we can win over our customers to being more energy efficient.” -Dells Lessey, L.L. Ramdhanny

Lighting only contributes to a percentage of your electricity bill. Grenlec advises customers to also observe and develop good energy conservation habits by looking at all electric appliances and other ways they can help conserve energy.

For more energy-saving information and tips to practice daily for long-term economic and environmental benefits, please go to

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