Today’s high efficiency and inverter AC units can reduce cooling costs by as much as 20-50%.

That’s why energy-smart businesses and residents are switching out old AC units for greater savings and cooling comfort.

During Grenlec’s recent Energy Efficiency Expos in Grenville and Carriacou, various businesses educated customers about managing their energy use and saving money.

“We practice what we preach. We invested in LEDs and high efficiency AC units. Our bills have gone down by half.” -Sherwin Noel, Southern Electrical

Look for window or central AC units that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label for high efficiency. When well maintained, these units last longer and cost less to operate.

“Our client, Blue Horizons changed to inverter units and their bill dropped dramatically.”
-Jody-Anne Pryce, Cooling Tech

Also gaining in popularity are inverter ACs. With variable speed compressors, these units save money and energy by cycling on and off to maintain the desired temperature. While energy-efficient AC’s may have a higher up-front cost, you’ll save in the long run with lower operating costs every month. The quick payback is well worth the investment for years to come.

“Painting your house in light colours and insulating ceilings help reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed into the building. Sealing windows properly so they do not leak air from the outside, are some of the others ways you can help manage your energy.”-Paul St. John, Viking Engineering

“The expo is very important to show people how to consume less energy and reduce their monthly bills.”-Cindy Peters, Grenada Electrical Appliances

For more energy-saving information and tips to practice daily for long-term economic and environmental benefits, please go to

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