At Grenlec’s recent Energy Efficiency Expos in Grenville and Carriacou, businesses shared their product knowledge and expertise about reducing energy use at home and at work. With investments in the latest technologies, such as motion sensors and timers, customers can save money and energy without having to think about it.

“For businesses, my advice is to use timers and motion sensors for lighting in places like hallways and offices so they only turn on when someone is present and using the space.” -Sherwin Noel, Southern Electrical

Businesses and homes are using motion sensors, timers, and photocells to automatically turn electrical appliances and lights off/on during off-hours and when away from the office or home. Some advanced control and energy management systems are web-enabled and programmable by computer—giving you another smart way to save time and money conveniently.

“Some AC units are wi-fi enabled, so you can operate and control your inverter AC unit from your laptop or phone.” -Jody-Anne Pryce, Cooling Tech

“In addition to using LEDs, when I’m leaving home in the morning, I shut off everything. Why would you waste electricity like that? Everyday lifestyle changes make a difference.” -Irva Bishop, Dollarman One Stop

Kilowatt Meters, also called Current Meters are useful instruments that measure the electricity an appliance uses. This is a great way to tell if your appliances are energy efficient.

“Grenlec isn’t just about giving people power. They want to let people know how to save energy and reduce their costs. I am all for Grenlec trying to educate their customers on saving energy. This is a good venture.” -Christopher Salandy, The Wireman’s House

For more energy-saving information and tips to practice daily for long-term economic and environmental benefits, please go to

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