Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my electric bill in advance?

Yes, you can! Customers can pay in advance, in the usual manner when paying their bill. This would result in a credit balance being shown on your account. In the case of a customer whose gate is locked while they are out of state, it is a good idea to inform our Customer Support Department so that your bills will not be estimated. Customers requiring more information about this service can contact GRENLEC's Customer Support Department.

My electric bill are frequently estimated. What can I do to ensure my bills are accurate?

In cases, where the Customer's gate is locked or there are dangerous dogs on the compound, GRENLEC's personnel may be unable to get a reading. To ensure your bill is not estimated, please take a reading from your meter and contact our Customer Support Department so that the reading can be entered. Customers can also contact the department to make other arrangements for meter reading.

When can I expect a meter reader to read my meter?

GRENLEC's meter readers follow a similar route every month to ensure that your meter is read .Please contact our customer support department for the approximate dates of the meter readers visits to each area.

When can I expect when moving?

There are a number of options for a Customer in this case.

Option 1

If you’re moving to a location that already has an electric supply all that is required a a transfer of service

Option 2

If you’re moving to a location that does not have a supply, an application needs to be submitted for supply. Please refer to the Our Services section on the website or you can contact our helpful customer service representatives for more details.

What happens after making an application for electricity?

After a Customer has made an application for electricity a service crew is sent to the property to ensure that the preparations made by the Customer are safe and correct. If all is in check and the Customer's building is less than 100 feet away from the nearest pole, the connection is made. For premises over 100 feet from the nearest pole but less than 300 feet, the Crew will have to return and place additional poles in the area. For premises over 400 feet away from the nearest pole, the customer would have to agree to pay the cost of planting poles in the area. This estimate is prepared by the Company.

Does someone need to be at the premises for the service to be installed?

Not necessarily. Once there is ease of access to the point of supply and the electrician has not made any special provision that will require his presence when the connection is being made, then no one need to be at the premises.

How long will it take for GRENLEC to install a new service?

New services are usually connected within 7 working days after the applicant has made the application. However, if additional line work is required by GRENLEC for the service to be connected or additional work is required by the electrician to meet the installation requirements the service connection will be scheduled on completion of this work.

What are the charges/costs involved for a new connection?

A deposit and connection fee is required for all new connections. The deposit is refundable on the payment of all final bills with the closure of an account and is based on the expected electricity usage of the premises.

Does the deposit earn interest?

This deposit is an estimate of 2-months' usage, allowing the Company to extend credit to customers for almost two-months after electricity is used.


Example:  A customer who uses electricity in August is billed in September and the payment becomes due in October.


We ask customers to upgrade their security deposits when we are interacting with them on any service matters or from time to time.  These upgrades ensure that the deposit reflects changes in electricity prices and consumption.  


We pay each customer 4% interest on their security deposit every year.  This appears on their bill as a credit in January or February. 


The security deposit is returned to customers when they close an account on which there are no outstanding balances.

When is the deposit refunded?

Deposits and earned interest are refunded to consumers after their supply is permanently disconnected.

How often should I receive an Electricity Bill?

Electricity accounts are billed on a monthly basis.

Why do I at times receive an estimated bill?

You may at times receive an estimated bill if our Meter Readers are unable to access the electricity meter at the scheduled reading time. me.

How is my estimated bill calculated?

We calculate an estimated bill based on the historic review of your actual average use of electricity for the past three months. The word "Estimated" will appear just above the "reading" on the bill. You are encouraged to provide the electricity meter number, account number or the customer name when making an enquiry on an account in order to facilitate the accessing of the account.

How often should I have my electrical wiring checked and why?

According to the Ministry of Works and Communication, your electrical wiring should be checked every five years to ensure that it is safe. This should be done by a qualified electrician. Failure to do so can increase the risk of electrical fires on your premises.

I will be doing some renovations on my building. Do I need to inform GRENLEC about this?

In the case of major renovations that would involve the moving of GRENLEC's meter or lines, GRENLEC must be notified at least one month before the renovations begin so that the meter and/or lines can be relocated properly.

How can I pay my bill even if I reside out of state?

You can pay via Bank Drafts, Money Orders and Negotiable Cheques. Please ensure the account details for payment are included with the payment. In addition, ensure payment is made well in advance of the bill payment due date.

What voltage and frequency does GRENLEC supply?

Voltage Frequency
GRENLEC operates a 50 Hz (Cycles per second) system at the following voltages and phases:

Voltage          Phase
230 V            Single Phase
400 V            Three Phase


237 or (473) 440 -2097

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