Reading Your Bill

Your Meter Reader

Customers are grouped into areas, which are arranged in “walking” sequence.
As your meter reader visits your premises, he uploads consumption readings to your record on a handheld device that has account information, such as:

Your Account Number
Your Name
Your Address
Your Meter Number
This allows your meter reader to accurately match the reading he is taking with your account information.


We group customers into areas and then cycles, with approximately nine (9) areas comprising a cycle. We process bills by cycles. We upload the reading taken by your meter reader and bill to your account.

When we have all the readings for your cycle (we refer to this as the end of the cycle), we produce a billing proof.
This billing proof includes:

Details about all accounts in the cycle and includes: the current reading, readings for the prior three months and average monthly readings.
A record of all accounts which has increased or decreased by 20% or more from the last recording

After the billing proof is checked and all necessary corrections made, the bills for your cycle are produced, printed and mailed.

Note that where we are unable to access your meter to record your actual consumption, we estimate it based on an average of your last three previous readings. In this case, the word "Estimated" will appear just above the "reading" on your bill.


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